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May 13, 2019 June 17, 2019

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60 minutes
The Yoga Wall® allows students to have a better understanding of their alignment in postures. It is also helpful for stretching tight muscles and decompressing the spine. A different area of the body is emphasized each week to stretch, releasing tension, and create space. The Yoga Wall Series is contraindicated for those with high blood pressure, pregnancy, and serious ear or eye conditions such as glaucoma. Some yoga experience is recommended, as it is important to understand when to work and when to relax. This class meets for 5 weeks.
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**Happy Memorial Day! (no class)

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May 13 at 5:25 pm (Monday)
May 20 at 5:25 pm (Monday)
June 3 at 5:25 pm (Monday)
June 10 at 5:25 pm (Monday)
June 17 at 5:25 pm (Monday)

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