Yoga Wall Strength & Flexibility Series
November 26, 2019 December 17, 2019

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60 minutes
Why wait until New Year’s Day to start creating a stronger, healthier you? This mini-series is designed to burn calories, build muscular strength and increase flexibility! Sheila has created a fun class format that will include longer holds and/or repetitions of some of yoga’s strength building poses. The second half of the class will be devoted to deep stretches to lengthen muscles and reduce stress. It’s the perfect class to head into the holiday season! The four-week mini-series will include: Yoga for Upper Body strength, Yoga for Lower Body strength, Yoga for a Stronger Core, Yoga for Total Body strength.

The class takes place on...

November 26 at 6:35 pm (Tuesday)
December 3 at 6:35 pm (Tuesday)
December 10 at 6:35 pm (Tuesday)
December 17 at 6:35 pm (Tuesday)

This class series has finished.